✈️ These travel kits are used to keep kids entertained for the entire duration of a trip. They're great for airplane flights, flight delays, road trips / car rides, daily quiet time for non-nappers, downtime at accommodations, and at restaurant.

🍼 Have you ever noticed that babies love things like remote controls? This travel kit is ALL about real world "non-toys", sensory exploration, and lots of different textures and sounds. This kit is perfect for around the 9-12 month age group! 

✨ What’s included in the baby travel kit?
• Silicone remote toy
• Mini spray bottle
• Shaker egg
• Suction spinner toy
• 2 large suction suckers
• Small flashlight
• Mini calculator
• Metal ramekin
• Mini metal tongs
• Play scarf
• Loofah stuffed animal
• Silicone muffin liner
• Stretchy coil rings
• Washi tape
• Finger puppet
• Post it notes & bandaids
• Pop tube
• Large feathers
• Velcro strips
• Wooden teether
• Mini board book
• Crinkly black & white cloth book
• Pop letter card


Please note that you have a choice of colour theme:

1. Pink + purple theme comes with the dusty pink travel kit bag

2. Blue theme comes with the greyish blue travel kit bag

3. Green theme comes with the mint green travel kit bag

4. Orange + yellow theme comes with the black travel kit bag


Colour Theme