✈️ These travel kits are used to keep kids entertained for the entire duration of a trip. They're great for airplane flights, flight delays, road trips / car rides, daily quiet time for non-nappers, downtime at accommodations, at restaurants, and even grandma's house. 

✨ What’s included in the big kid (7+) travel kit?
• travel kit bag
• mini magnetic set with magnetic sticks, mini magnetic tiles and magnetic bendy person
• lego-style building block set
• container with mini chain links, plus plus and brain flakes building pieces
• wikkistix
• mini drawing board
• various art materials:
     • passport sketchbook and stamp stickers
     • mini colouring book
     • water colour paint palette sheet + paintbrush
     • scratch notebook, stencil and bamboo pen
     • stackable crayon
     • mini pencil crayons
     • invisible ink marker
     • colourful washi tape
     • flower petal washi tape
• mini diamond "paint by number" sticker kit
• cats cradle
• mini retro video game
• mini spray bottle
• various fidget toys - pop tube, stretchy string, LED spinner ring, mini squishi and pop keychain, punch balloon, fidget snake toy

• galaxy slime

• limited quantity items: the first few orders will receive either a magnetic chess/checkers set or geo board with elastics (random selection // as shown in the photo)


Please note that you have a choice of colour theme:

1. Pink + purple theme comes with pink travel kit bag

2. Blue theme comes with the blue travel kit bag

3. Green theme comes with the black travel kit bag

4. Orange + yellow + red them comes with the beige travel kit bag

Colour Theme