Mini Jetsetter Travel Toy Bag

 Wanna DIY your travel activity set?! Then you NEED this hanging bag. It's Mini Jetsetter branded and comes in 4 cute colours. 

  • MULTIPLE STORAGE COMPARTMENTS - 4 separate interior compartments keep all your kiddos toys and activities organized. I like to divide these up by category - (1) art materials like markers (2) paper materials like books, colouring sheets, stickers (3) toys like playdough and magnetic things (4) fidget toys like pop tubes and stretchy string. You could also do toys + snacks! 
  • COMPACT - It has quite a large capacity yet compact design! It fits in most kids backpacks, but little ones also like to show it off and carry it around like their own "suitcase"
  • HOOK - A large build-in metal hook allows you to hang the bag from your tray table latch inflight, onto the seat in front of them in the car, or just any coat hook at your accommodations. 
  • OTHER FEATURES - Carry handle, water-resistent outer fabric, sturdy double zippers, main compartments have elastic bands and mesh pockets for more organization, extra front pocket. 
  • FOUR COLOURS - Mint green, dusty pink, greyish blue and black
  • TOILETRIES TOO - Okay technically this is a toiletry bag reinvented into a kids travel toy bag. You could grab one for the family to organize your toiletries as well :-)